When the green really means something other than course, means something like a forest or field or even houseplants, and NO I'm not talking about "green" as in a certain herb, nor am I talking about it as in a type of money, there I am. I am disjointed and snarling, unhappy and understanding the distance betwixt and be...tweet. Houses built on sludge. Rivers swallowed by "drought".

So many many long years ago people proclaimed Y2K! is the end of times and I only saw those as YKK on the zipper of my sweater...

Here it comes. So who are you in the midst of it? Can you answer for yourself, for your humanity? Is there some revelation or is it just apocrypha? Someone who don't never did once crossed eyed and sighed "Wellllll, there is the Rapture!" (And I added that exclamation point ... because I don't think it exists or should have to be included if the word to which it is defined or considered or included is "rapture".

Let us take a look at the word "rapture". No, I don't think half of you who think you might want to actually do want to dissect this particular rapini going-to-do linguistical conundrum and in many ways ....self-fulfilling.

If you wait for it, then I pity you.

Me, my own self, inclined for assessing the situation. I like to eat rapini, chard, kale, especially when it's mixed with bacon.