Wild dream last night while the wind whistled over the tin roof, perhaps too much Ray Bradbury before bed but I dreamt I was a luminous shapeshifting creature in human form, a young woman of tired dignity, wearing green.

There was a dark pool of warm water and I swam elusive mutual circles with a man, whose face I could not see. And then there were adversaries I had to physically fight, and when taunted I was haughty and frightening with a thunderous voice told one jealous smirking dark-haired girl whose face I saw but it is no one I recognize

"I have kissed his skin with the sweat of stars!"

And when asked why not fight in my true form, which I disclosed was the size of an 18th Century two-story brick schoolhouse but too radiant for a human to comprehend, I said I could only appear and love or battle to my opponents' abilities.

I then walked eleven miles and the battle was more like a street rumble with adolescents who wanted me to disclose the location of a turquoise mine.

I won and wept for being so alone and then awoke because the cat whispered in my ear.

I have some awesome dreams.