Last while sometime June I discovered a green lynx spider. Lovely large mama bright green with white stripy legs had made a nest above our Russian fern tomato and underneath the broad sheltering spiny prickly expansive leaf of a yellow squash. Which I, trying to encourage the tomato to grow, trimmed. And thus discovered the sheltered spider's nest. Sick about having destroyed her home, I propped a dried squash leaf over her unhatched little silver egg case. In the morning I went to take a peek & was greatly dismayed to see she was gone. Further mixed emotions that our resident praying mantis, clinging to the underside of said dried squash leaf, looked a little bigger. I left mama spider's egg case where it was attached to the tomato. Today there was an explosion. Hundreds of tiny green lynx spiders sent parachutes into the air. Go, little green creatures.


Well then here I'm back and wishing I could kick the stupid asses who have made it so much more difficult to post a pillow. Feel like I'm wrangling a wild thing. I mean I just want to sleep. I'm a long way between and I keep striking the / Feeling like my teeth are bared, Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times." Non sequitur, or not,
no clue where I go now. Funny to begin and end that entire babble on letter W.