It has been a while. Emphasize every word and maybe you'll feel it. The world has changed, and spring threw her glorious robes over everything, blinding with flowers and the fecund fertility of full moons. I've never seen so exuberant or plentiful a spring, in this Year of the Golden Pig.

Venus in the low Western sky is the only light I can see in the night's black curtain, aside from the blue-green electronic glow of the screen. Except, of course, for the pale orbs of white Fair Bianca roses just outside the window, breathing the fragrance of exciting sweaty sweet dreams in their thousand fine petals.

The trains in the yard are moving back and forth, hundreds of miles of track, a giant Chinese puzzle of lumber and freight, I can hear the bellows rumbles and screams of machines in the switchyard.

The whole world is in motion, and there is evil and there is good, there is injustice and there is grace, and the fever pitch cannot maintain itself. When machines reach their limits and parts fail bolts sheer springs break they simply cease to work, and there is no hope and no use for expectation that a mechanical thing might have a heart which can withstand, through courage, even beyond the point of breaking.

There is something coming, a great and increasing weight which will change the world, and I feel my eyes moving inward, my ears and nerves focused to center core, the blood gathering and tissues growing, to create.

I'll be back, but less than frequently, and I make no apologies, for I prefer my dreams untainted by false visions, and I prefer my eyes filled with the light of the sky.