Okay, where have I not been? East of the Mississippi, not been there. No, wait there were two weeks when I was 14 and my Mum (she hated being called that but I was way too far-out Cali-lovin'-cool and thought the Brit punk scene would adore it and then it became a term of which there is no whicher, because surely no other nearsighted sneezly-sick humbly borgeek kid ever called anyone else in the whole region "Mum" and I still to this day don't think my Mum does not understand this is the proper address for The Queen of England) ...ummmm... almost went there in reality twice and once in a bad dream. zooooom!like a paper airplane and then so soft crash...and if it is a good paper airplane then you barely feel the touchdown.

When someone starts talking about dreams I feel my own ears tune out but also hear... sometimes it is good to know the way a whole head has to turn and then you feel it in the muscles of your temples. I can hear more when I breathe IN than when I breathe OUT.

My scary dreams of late include places I have seen. But I am the ultimate-construct of a paper airplane. Maybe even a boomerang. Breathe....

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