Some sparkly things caught my eye, the light a shimmer, clear facets of reflected sun. Light filters through tree leaves, a shifting and sensual making of shade, lit from above and turned a transluscent green. The shadows cast move with the breeze, adding to the ephemeral and mellifluous delight of light. The world's own glitter the falling cherry blossoms, light shining on and through the petals as each swirls to the ground.

The girl at the cafe had hot pink hair and hot pink fingernails and on each nail she had a tiny clear faceted bindi dot, like droplets of dew. I don't manicure my nails and I don't have pink hair but something in me wanted to watch those fingers as if they were my own as she wrote my order rang up my order took cash and made change for me. I couldn't tell you what she looked like other than those glossy sparkly ripe watermelon nails.

The light played with surface and subsurface and I let it dance in my eyes and hair and I could see it shine into me, just a little into the clear intricate qualities of skin. As a child with friends in a dark tent a flashlights hold endless fascination held under the jaw and open the mouth, or look I can see the bones in my hand with the light shining through the flesh and muscles. Teeth and nails and hair catch and shimmer and glow with the light, semi-transparent and hard like clear agate, chalcedony, citrine.

The first time I noticed that the quality of flesh and bone is similar to gemstones was with a friend in the sunshine, we had a small clear orange rubber ball we would bounce against the side of the building and it would return to us on our small patch of grass. We sat in our shorts and halter tops under the impossibly blue sky talking about boys and girls and she smiled into the sun while we laughed. And the light shone into her. Instead of looking at the contours of her face I looked instead at the depth of her skin and how I could almost see through her teeth, the sun was so bright. It seemed she did not have eyes, the sun's rays beamed into the white and iris so that her pupil was a tiny speck far back, the light shining on all the brilliant tawny colors of her golden brown eyes flecked with green.

Light shines deep into water, into diamonds.
The ocean is of water, as are we.
Diamonds are made of carbon, as are we.