Yesterday I escaped work early & took S for lunch. He had delicious pad thai, spring rolls, and beer from Denmark. His flair for successfully mixing multi-cultural treats never ceases to amaze me. We shared some lemongrass chicken coconut soup that I could eat myself sick on and I ordered a Singha, which wasn't as smooth as his Carlsberg beer, but hit the spot.

And then...
We took a two hour nap.

We got up & moving around 5, went for dinner by 7, headed to the grungy old concert hall to hear our friends JJ & Tebone in their rock and roll band open for Country Joe McDonald. I didn't know who he was but after observing the well-aged tie-dyed patchouli home-made sandals wearing crowd and mentioning my ignorance to S, I learned Country Joe was in the original Woodstock and had gotten in some big trouble with his anti-war songs and eff-yew-cee-kay the president chorus.

He did some neat songs. He was cool.
But I could have done without Do the Hokey Pokey and in fact at that point S & I made our way into the basement bar rather than have to join in with the hip-ness of it all. I thought our friends put on a better show but then I'm not partial to blanket noise stargazing fishy stuff punctuated by yodels or a shrill harmonica. The air was thick with *cough cough cough, cough cough cough* smoke and wow man everyone was happy.

But poor S; he lamented about how it never fails. He figures he must have a big sign on his forehead that says either "stand directly in front of me" or "dance like a complete drugged-out stinky freak right in front of me" because those were the choices. It was a big place and nobody else had lurkers or freak dancers right in front of them, blocking the view, accidentally knocking into them. I told him it's because his chi goes down into the ground. He'd be a master thief. Nobody notices him.

We had much fun visiting with friends and finally got home by midnight. The party will continue tonight; S has promised JJ & Tebone he'll make his incredible fried chicken.

I want to go swimming in the rain.