Drank whiskey and whisky in a bar called Luckeys last night. We listened to some San Diego band called 34 below with bongo drums, cymbals, two acoustic guitars and a megaphone make their sound. We got a booth with JJ & waited for Tebone to arrive & we were quite tickled because she said the music was good but Tebone wouldn't like it because it smacked of contemprorary Christian rock. And when Tebone slid into the booth and listened for a few minutes he said it was good but sounded like contemporary Christian rock.

The band had talent & the singer could sing & they get points for enthusiasm but not for jumping off the little low-rise stage. That just made people turn their backs and play pool and not even think about dancing. He even in his exuberance -and I swear he was doing flamenco cadrilles or trills or espadrilles or whatever they're called- stomped the microphone cord and POP it unplugged then POP he plugged it back in without missing a beat. The music was solid but sounded all the same except for the Cure cover. I was numb and on my second whiskey or maybe it was a whisky that time.

I was impressed with the crowd on a week night, mostly college kids wearing uncomfortable shoes and clothing that didn't quite fit the way they thought it did. Although there were some genuine hep cats in the crowd, including the Marylin Monroe looking girlie in a tattered demin skirt with fishnets and black cowboy boots I said damn & nudged S to ogle.

JJ & Tebone took the stage with their band about 11:30 and rocked the house. The whole band sounded great and they got people dancing, especially when they played their Livin in Sin song. People stopped their pool game to watch and listen to JJ belt it out like only she can.

That honey has a set of pipes and she can sound like heaven or like a badass and it's always good, it always gives me chills. Lady likes the honkytonk blues, Women be wise keep yo mouth shut don't advertise ya man. Don't sit around holdin no conversations explainin what yo good man do to you. She also tears a hole out of the earth when she sings It hurts it hurts it HURTS so bad, oooh you were the best man I ever had. Why was I so blind to see... there was no bigger fool than me?
I could listen to JJ all day.

The whole band is a musicians' band; they attracted about five hardcore looking guys to the front of the stage, interested in the guitars and the structure of the sounds. I did indeed get out there and shake it top to bottom, and three-sheets-to-the-wind S came to twirl me around faster and faster andfasterandfaster and I said Other way! and he slurred I'm sho drunk and pulled me back to the table during one of my favorites called Kittycat Friends. Then he proceeded to quote the song, What's done is done, because in a hundred years when we're all in the ground who's gonna say what really went down? and bought himself another gin and tonic.

We stayed late and got home later and when the alarm rang this morning I thought it was Saturday and then I thought oh fuck, but I'm thankfully not hangin over. Tonight we're going to go see bellydancers. I better take a nap this afternoon.

So who's gonna say what really went down?

One thing going down is May Day, also known as International Worker's Day, commemorating Hay Market. So wear red and thank the IWW for your weekend.