We had far too much fun this weekend. Someone making pleasantries asked me, "What did you do this weekend?" and I can't even begin to list everything because the weekend really started Friday evening with JJ and Tebone drinking gin and tonics and eating burgers at High Street, which is this funky little house converted into a brew pub. We joked and laughed and later made our way to a seedy bar where Tebone and friends rocked the house singing paycheck to paycheck and cruisin in my momma's station wagon while people played pool in the dim green light.

I like walking with S through the darkened streets, the buzz of halogen lamps overhead making a doppler effect as our boot heels clock the space beneath them. We walked from the bar down Broadway hand in hand and he was tipsy and loquacious and found everything funny. He took spy camera photos of the last staggling tango dancers in their big glass studio, the lights were orange, the music schmaltzy, the women danced in high heels and the men were all fashionably thin. S grabbed me and said cha cha cha there on the street corner and I said wait till we get home.

Saturday I woke up feeling better than I had in months, and dove into household chores that get neglected during the week, like dishes and laundry. In the afternoon we went thrift store shopping and then to a musician friend's party. We celebrated the equinox and our party's hostess told me to dance, so I borrowed a long full skirt and shook it hard and twirled around the room while people played guitars and drums. S played high wild lovely stuff on his violin, a keen strong sweetness like the taste of oranges. And then we drank red wine.

Sunday involved walking and dancing and many smiles and sunshine. It would have been a lazy day if I hadn't been so busy.

I almost didn't come to work today. The blue sky and warm air and damp earth make the world as close to Paradise as I can imagine right now.