Springtime sunshine the heat rolls up the river valleys and mugs the earth. The mountains hammer out their anvils, orographic weather. My lips love the shape of the clouds and move softly to shape cumulonimbus.

I have been busy busy, machinations and politics and publications and instructions. Too much to list, these fingers have been anything but idle.

The roses are having a banner year. Bloom away I say.


Not one to give in to sorrow but I feel its gravity pulling the corners of my mouth, I sense its shadow, the inevitable dark. I’ll turn a corner and be engulfed, it’s only a matter of the earth’s rotation. I know she’ll return for too-brief visits, I know she’ll keep in touch, I know I’ll visit her on the other side of the continent which seems like a long long way from here… But.

But she’s not here. She’s gone away now. Her presence will be missed, that energetic sweet ferocious pensive competitive smiling loving brooding caring fireball has gone on, and make no mistake she’s as strong as she likes her black tea, put two bags in that cup please.

Other friends have ventured away, have gone to Egypt and France and North Dakota, but I know they’ll always return because I know they think of this place as home. And I know although she appreciates this Pacific Northwest wilder-ness, JJ is still looking for that feeling. She’s going to find it, but I have no faith it will include this part of the country. I doubt she’ll return for good. We’ll be old ladies on the opposite sides of the country arguing over who has a harder time traveling.

She stayed with us for the past glorious sunshine week, and it was not easy for her to leave things unfinished. Sometimes things just have to finish themselves. I wish you well, JJ. Happy travels.